Welcome to The Plant Partners.  We are health care professionals with passion for educating and helping people through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle habits.

If you are curious about how food plays a role in your health, about how to manage or prevent chronic diseases, about how to lose weight for life, or even about how keep your family healthy then you’re in the right place.

Research shows that switching to a whole-foods plant based diet can reduce chronic diseases by 80%!

With our experience as healthcare providers, we understand the importance of health and how devastating chronic diseases can be for your quality of life.

And as moms, we understand the importance of being there for your family, keeping them healthy and keeping foods tasting good!

From workshops and community Plantlucks to individual health consultation we offer you several ways to incorporate plant-based foods in your diet and achieve optimal health.


Anne S. Bingham, MD & Catherine O. O’Rourke, RN