Personalized Health Consulting

Are you confused about what to eat or what the meaning of your newest diagnosis is?

The healthcare system is a complicated place and it can be hard enough to know what to do when you’re sick, never mind how to pursue a healthier lifestyle when you’re not.

Our goal is to give you the tools to take your health back in your hands and work with your specific challenges to improve your outcomes.

Whether you want to:

  • navigate a complicated health situation,
  • achieve optimal health,
  • eat healthier (and learn what that really looks like),
  • lose weight to your ideal weight,
  • increase your energy,
  • improve your sleep,
  • kick the processed foods, or
  • improve your quality of life…we can help!

Services Include:

  • education about medical, diet and lifestyle topics,
  • an insider’s view on medical issues and complicated health situations,
  • elderly and the acutely ill care coordination,
  • specific nutrition education & planning,
  • a customized menu plan,
  • pantry clean-out,
  • grocery store accompaniment,
  • label-reading education,
  • exercise plan guidance,
  • hands-on guidance with cooking,
  • solutions for including children and families.

Catherine will support, educate and provide solutions for you and your family to make optimal decisions about your health, diet and lifestyle.

She will help you adapt and adjust to the recommended changes so they work with your life.

Email Catherine for more information and to setup an appointment

Workshops @Home

The Plant Partners Plant based workshop

We come to you!  If you have friends who would like to learn more we will do a group class right at your house.  Similar format to our regular workshop, only a more comfortable setting for you and your guests.  

Email us if you’re interested.