Our Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday – it would be my favorite if my whole family was together, but that’s Christmas.  

I love the food, the reminder to be grateful and the fact that we don’t have to exchange presents too!  For me it’s all about eating and being with those you love and care about.

Beautiful abundant farmers market in Modesto, Ca.

Eating with others can bring up many emotions if there isn’t a mutual respect about food choices.  It’s kinda like religion and politics…as long as everyone is respectful it’s ok.

If you walk in announcing how you’re not going to eat this and that, being a zealot about how everyone else should be too, then yes you may get into some fights.  

However, if you respectfully bring your own dish or two, or if you’re hosting, encourage others to bring things they like then it may go more smoothly.

What will be on our table this year?  

Well, my kids were worried that I’d completely abolish turkey this year.  The last few years we’ve been at my sisters and she makes one and I allow them to have it if they want.  (Which is another discussion for another day – how to raise kids to be plant-based).

I decided that even though I wouldn’t be eating turkey, I wouldn’t impose that on the rest of my guests who like to have some.  And really, one meal of turkey for my family the entire year isn’t going to harm them– just the turkey 🙁.

I’m trying to keep it in perspective – it’s an evolution and maybe someday it won’t be on our table.

So, someone else is going to prepare and cook the turkey while I make all the other amazing sides that we all love!

I also gave myself permission to simplify some dishes…saved me lots of chopping time!  Thank you Trader Joe’s.


Burrata made with almonds and coconut milk, served with balsamic glaze and whole wheat crackers.

Cornbread stuffing from Trader Joe’s with carrots, onion, mushrooms and broth.

Mashed potatoes with cashew milk, nutritional yeast and spices.

Sweet potato mash with miso, maple syrup and topped with toasted pecans.

Mushrooms with roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic.  (inspired by my recent visit to the Fancy Radish in D.C.)


Cranberry orange relish from Trader Joe’s.

Pies – from my in-laws.

Chocolate salted caramel tart from The Happy Pear…see recipe below…this will blow your socks off!

Banana-coffee ice cream.

Chocolate salted caramel tart from The Happy Pear – it’s unreal!

Recipe Resources

I don’t make up my own recipes, although I adapt a lot of the ones I use.  Here are some tried and true sites for you to find some recipe ideas for your Thanksgiving table.

1) Minimalist Baker

104 Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

2) The Happy Pear

3) Forks over Knives

2017 Recipe Special: A Forks Thanksgiving

4) PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

PCRM Recipes

5) Naked Food Magazine

A Kind and Enlightened Plant-based Thanksgiving Menu

Happy Thanksgiving!

When people are wowed by your sides there will be less talk about you not eating the turkey!

Be respectful, be grateful and be full!

Gratefully yours, Catherine

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