The Anatomy of a Quick and Delicious Dinner

One night a couple weeks I was overwhelmed by the amount of rice I still had left-over in the fridge and the fact that I was out of ideas as to what to do with it.

I couldn’t do one more stir-fry or rice-and-bean variation. We wanted something new.

Our Misfit Market delivery had also come, abundant with greens and peppers.

I had no idea what I was going to make, and dinner needed to be on the table in T-minus 45 minutes.

This is my sweet spot.

Limited time. Random ingredients. Makes for a meal my family loves and I’ll never be able to repeat. Ha!

So I went to favorite place for these kinds of situations, and I Googled: “plant based rice peppers”.

Up came all kinds of variations of stuffed peppers. And because I tend toward the Italian version of recipes, I picked the one from

Of course I didn’t follow the recipe and I adapted it based on what I had. (Recipe with my variations below).

Plant based Italian stuffed pepper mix

But let me tell you, it was DEEE-Licious! The kids all said I could make it every night if I wanted! 😆

It had lots of flavor and perfect texture. I think the toasted walnuts were key.

You may be wondering if I really pulled this off in 45 minutes. 😉

Fresh from the oven – plant based stuffed peppers

Well, for starters, the rice was already cooked and ready to go in my fridge. (This is why I tell everyone to always have some sort of meal base – rice, quinoa, beans, pasta, potatoes — always cooked and ready to go).

Secondly, I use my mac-daddy Breville Sous Chef food processor to chop and dice all my veg. It makes things go super fast!

And finally, I only ended up being able to cook it for about 15 minutes when it was all thrown together. It was hot, but the peppers weren’t 100% soft.

Either way, it worked out. Because the monsters are all asking for this meal again.

I did end up making it again, a few nights ago, only this time I riced cauliflower and didn’t stuff the peppers…We ate just the stuffing part.

So good.

Eating whole-foods plant-based meals and pulling together dinner for a family of six isn’t perfect. And it’s not an exact science.

My plate – all cut up and ready to gobble!

However, if you can adapt:

  • using what you have on hand,
  • Googling “plant based” and the ingredients you want to use, and
  • getting the flavor right…

…you’ll have your own family gobbling up dinner no matter what it looks like.

Enjoy! And let me know if you make this 😋 #theplantpartnersrn

— Catherine

P.S. The little monsters ate this so fast that I didn’t get any cute pictures of them gobbling it up!

plant based vegan stuffed peppers

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