Other Recommended Media

Isn’t technology handy? We have the answer to any question we could possibly have right at our fingertips and in our pockets.

Think of the hundreds of thousands of articles and resources that are out there just about health and nutrition alone!

Trudging through all this noise and knowing what is right leads to overwhelm pretty fast; either that or hours of web-surfing and going down rabbit holes with no real answers.

When we work with our patients, clients, and even family and friends, we have our go-to recommended reading, viewing and listening.

As you know, we are advocates of Lifestyle Medicine and a whole-foods plant-based diet. But more importantly we’re advocates of evidence-based information.

So here is a list of our most trusted resources about whole foods plant-based eating and Lifestyle Medicine. Whether you want to watch, read, listen to, or peruse…we’ve got you covered.

(Check our other page The Science for studies and just that – science.

P.S. This list doesn’t include everything out there, just things we’ve seen, heard or read and want to share.


If you only watch one of these documentaries, make it Forks Over Knives! The others are all great as well, but we generally require all patients we work with to watch Forks over Knives first. It does a great job explaining the science and sharing some compelling stories.


Most of these books include recipes or they also have a cookbook associated with it. See our Recipe Section for cookbooks.